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May 16th, 2017

Overheard at Brasserie 19

In a definitely-not-official new Instagram feed, a restaurant's regulars are quoted with razor sharp wit.

In a land not far far away where yellow-labeled bottles compete for table space with Birkins, Houston's jet set crowd feasts on steak frites, mussels and decadent gossip.

Brasserie 19, so named for its tony 77019 River Oaks-area zip code, has been a sensation since it flung its doors open in 2011, welcoming socialites and their hangers on to a white banquette-and-bistro-chair French wonderland where time seems to slip away in a sea of surprisingly well-priced bubbly. Two days ago, someone very clever began posting snippets of diners' conversations on an Instagram feed dubbed @overheardatbrasserie19. Whether it's real, imagined or somewhere in a champagne-swilling-in-between, the feed is a clever, sharp-tongued, perhaps-not-suitable-for-work snapshot of the monied set that valets their gleaming G-Wagons and Teslas at chef Clark Cooper's most storied hot spot.
A Veuve with a view. 

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