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July 2nd, 2012

Barre Hopping

Pure Barre finally arrives to town.

Do you frantically scream, “Just a second!” if your plus-one is about to catch you coming out of the shower in the bright of day?

Tone up the places on your bod that keep you from baring all at Pure Barre, brand new to Houston, where you can hit all the classes you want in a month for just $50 with today's Treat. Glamour mag's fitness editor calls Pure Barre "the top three times I’ve pushed my body hardest in my life" - each class at the sunny Tanglewood studio is like a hammer to hard to reach (but easy to jiggle) areas. See how many times you can sweat in a month with their famous lift, tone, burn philosophy, to the beat of some make-ya-wanna-walk-nude-through-your-living-room music.

Buh bye, big bulky towel. Hello naked as a jaybird air-dry.

Today, get an unlimited month of Pure Barre classes for 74% off! (Use through the fall.)

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