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February 19th, 2014

The Urban Girl's Dictionary

A guide to words we wish were part of our common vernacular.

miu miu: a designer cat's purr

BILF: Beverly Hills Housewife I'd Like To Fight (see also, Carlton Gebbia)

barre tab: a monthly budget allotted to ballet-inspired fitness classes 
"My barre tab was so high this month. I totally have to wait for the next Groupon to exercise."

lulu-lemon: a pair of yoga pants that are more revealing than advertised

blotox: the inability to perform a breathalyzer due to recent anti-wrinkle treatment

horbath: the shower one feels she needs after watching one of Hannah's bedroom scenes on GIRLS

missoni-phobia: the avoidance of wearing full-price designer stripes for fear others will mistake them for the Target line

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