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January 29th, 2014

Ding Dong Delicious Is Here

When it comes to hosting theme parties, yours are the kind that result in words like epic. People are still talking about your sunset sangria serenade circa '06.

Keep the ideas flowing like white wine on a spring day with brand new Hamptons Lane, the NYC-based food gurus that curate boxes of artisan ingredients from all over the world along with gourmet kitchen tools and chef-developed recipes. From a fabulously Tuscan-centric assortment of olive oils and pastas to chic picnic essentials and Southwestern-style staples like chipotle-spiced margarita salt and a lava rock molcajete, you'll be instantly inspired with the prettily packaged goods. Best yet, you can take a peek into each soon to release box and if it's not for you, pass and proceed to the next month's selection.

It's the key to maintaining your rep as hostess with the boastess.

Mamma Mia! Through May 14, enter promo code TIDBITS at online checkout and receive 20% off Hampton Lane's Coastal Italy box.

Want to try out just one box? Subscribe to receive the Coastal Italy box and end your subscription whenever you'd like.

red wine

This month's Coastal Italy box includes: olive oil from Sardinia, essence of anchovy from the Amalfi Coast, a wine aerating pourer, flour from Naples, pasta from Gragnano (the birthplace of pasta making) and a $25 Lot18 gift card.

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