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February 9th, 2021

Yoga To Your OM Front Door

Get a free 7-day trial to the BFREE Yoga Digital Studio, which makes connecting to your breath, body and best self a breeze.

If good intentions counted as calorie burners, you'd be at the top of your health game.

Streamline your gameplan with BFREE YOGA. Get a FREE 7-day trial for their brand new Digital Studio and experience full-length, dynamic, rhythmic classes and tutorials. Combine their signature breath-based flow practice with grounding Yin for supreme balance. Or, take part in the new Self-Love Challenge featuring two themed online yoga classes each week and Zoom connects every Monday night focused on self-acceptance, meditation, visualization, affirmation and physical movement. The challenge is FREE with your BFREE Digital Studio subscription ($49/month, the first week is free for new members).

Take matters into your own handstand. 

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