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March 13th, 2015

Ottoman Immune System

New home goods consignment shop boasts great pieces at pretty prices.


SWOOX Curated Consignment
56 E Andrews Dr. Suite 32

You've finally tossed out the futon for a real couch - now it's time to take a look at the frameless posters on your walls that you keep calling "art." 

Turn your house into a home with the help of SWOOX Curated Consignment. The just-opened shop boasts an array of new and used furniture at purse-friendly prices. Swing by the Buckhead brick and mortar where you'll catch the high style furnishings, as well as home accessories, art, lighting and jewelry. Have a piece you're willing to part with? The in-house team loves curating from the area and accepts new submissions on Wednesdays.  

Anything less is just thumbtacky. 

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