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October 24th, 2012

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

A line that gets our stamp of approval.

Remember when you got tipsy and told your mother-in-law what you thought about her "famous" Thanksgiving casserole? Or when the bride-to-be overheard your three-month marriage prediction from the next stall over?

Whenever you're ready to say the right thing, check out InkSpot Workshop. The Etsy-born paperie, founded by Atlanta local Stacy Altiery, can supply you with all the stylish fixings to make your message heard... on purpose. With handmade designs like the Lucky-featured Merci notecards adorned with Vespas and Mini Coopers, you're certain to find the perfect backdrop for your big news, even if it's just your fifth annual 30th birthday party. And if you've decided syrah speaks louder than words, chic personalized wine tags and other gifts can be shipped anywhere in the country.

Step 1: Remove foot from mouth. Step 2: Obtain fabulous apology stationery. 

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