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May 23rd, 2017

No Way Lukewarm Rosé

Keep your wines chilled all the livelong day with new Southern-based VINGLACÉ.

Calculating your wine intake for a three day holiday weekend is the most important math you've done in years.

You can do your best to buy the right quantity, but you can't do anything about keeping your rosé and pinot gris cold without hefting a wine fridge to the picnic. Until now. VINGLACÉ keeps bottles of wine at the perfect drinking temperature thanks to a cutting edge technology that’s both lightweight and chic. A cute, young Southern-based entrepreneurial couple created the sleek, easy to pour canisters, available in black, white or stainless steel. The process is simple - unscrew the adjustable top and insert your chilled bottle of vino or champagne, screw the top back on, and sip contentedly for hours on end. Tidbits tip: Share the brand love and score $20 off. 

The ideal drinking weather in your glass? You can count on it.  



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